Below are some fun and interesting Facts & Figures about Madison Parish Port.

Primary Cargo

Inbound– Aggregates, lime, dry and liquid fertilizer, cottonseed, grain and steel.

Outbound – Aggregates, lime, dry and liquid fertilizer, cottonseed, grain and steel.

Overall Annual Tonnage (2017 Projected)

750,000.00 tons

Revenues (2017 Projected)

Total Gross Revenues$700,000.00

Total Employees – 2

Main Channel Depth

The Port has direct access to the Mississippi River approximately six miles north of the Interstate 20 bridge. In this location the Mississippi River has an average depth of 25 feet. A full service dock, with rail spur allows access while providing safe harbor. The typical draft depth at the dock is at least 20 feet throughout the majority of the year.

Cargo Terminals & Facilities

General Cargo Pier: Port Owned, operated by Terral River Service; Cargo: Cottonseed, aggregates-limestone, ag-lime and liquid fertilizer; Berths 2; Face 150 feet; sides 250 feet; Depth minimum 12 feet deep water; Mechanical Handling Facilities: 110 ton crane with 8 yard bucket; conveyor belt 36 inch x 200 feet with connection to two storage pads 136 yards x 100 yards and 250 yards x 72 yards.

General Cargo Ramp: Port owned, operated by Terral River Service; 50 feet x 150 feet; 2 inch water source to the end of the dock; 2 pipelines between Terral River Service and Mid-Delta Helena Company and CHS, Inc.;
Terral’s Warehouse Storage Capacity includes: 9,000 tons cottonseed; 500,000 bushels of grain and 56,000 tons of liquid storage.

Other Port-Owned Businesses, Services and Facilities

Certified Truck Scales

Rail 22,241 Feet

110,000 square foot warehouse and 5 smaller buildings on 35 fenced acres available for industrial use, land side of levee; This building was formerly occupied by Northrop Grumman Inc., who consolidated its military shipbuilding facilities to Pascagoula, Mississippi.

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