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Future Development

There are 500 acres of level land adjacent to the Madison Parish Port property that is available for purchase for future development or growth and development of current occupants.

Available for Lease

The Madison Port has a vacant industrial site available for occupation by a heavy metal fabrication or other large manufacturing firm. Please click here for more information.




    Serving as the Madison Parish Port Stevedore, Terral is a river transportation service company specializing in the bulk storage and handling of dry and liquid materials along the Mississippi River system, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the inland waterways of Louisiana and southern Arkansas. Services offered include: terminal dock operations, custom barge operations, barge cleaning, barge repair, bulk material storage and bulk material handling. With company roots stretching back to 1946, Terral has grown steadily, adding and upgrading facilities throughout the lower Mississippi region.


Railroad purchase brings 'a new day' in parish

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 1:40pm by Blake Bell

Louisiana Senator Francis Thompson called it “a new day in Madison Parish” Wed., July 1, at the Tallulah Chamber of Commerce meeting, where it was announced that Continental Rail has purchased the railroad track running through Madison Parish.

Both Continental Rail CEO John Marino and Vice President J.D. Ventreck were on hand Wednesday to discuss some of the broad strokes of the company’s acquisition of the railroad. Ventreck said the company will relocate offices from Monroe to a site at the Madison Parish Port and will also be making future hires from the local area.

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The Madison Parish Port Commission was award an EDA Investment Grant in the amount of $374,301

Project description: This EDA investment upgrades rail infrastructure and replaces switches where the Madison Parish Port rail line intersects with the mainline railroad paralleling US 65 to minimize disruption caused by natural disaster. This project will increase resiliency of the region and the ability of local businesses to compete globally.


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